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Surface electromyography (sEMG) biofeedback posture training improves the physical and mental health of early adolescents with mild scoliosis: A qualitative study

MC CheungJ YipD LawJPY Cheung
Digital Health

Asymmetry in paraspinal muscle activities is observed in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and may be of value for predicting curve progression. We have reported the effects of the surface electromyography biofeedback posture training program in improving the symmetry of paraspinal muscle activities and reducing the curve progression of early adolescents with mild scoliosis. This study further explored their subjective experience of the training program on posture correction and health-related quality of life.

Using purposive sampling, 13 early adolescents aged between 11 and 13 years with mild scoliosis participated in semi-structured in-depth interviews after completing 30 sessions of training. The data were recorded, transcribed, and coded using thematic analysis with NVivo 10. Significant statements and phrases were categorized into themes and subthemes.