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Evaluation of short-term effectiveness of posture correction girdle on postures of adolescents with early scoliosis

Liu P.Y.Yip J.Yick K.L.Yuen C.W.M.Ng S.P.Tse C.Y.Law D.
TBIS-APCC 2014 Joint International Symposium

The purpose of this study is to provide a tailor-made posture correction girdle for individuals with early scoliosis in order to improve their imbalanced postures by girdling and reduce the possibility of curvature progression in scoliosis. Subjects are recruited from a school-screening program and a 3-month wear trial has been carried out. Motion capture (Vicon) has also been carried out in order to evaluate the short-term effectiveness of the girdle on posture control. The results show that the imbalanced posture of the subjects improves after 3-months of girdling, especially for the acromion part in the frontal plane in a standing posture.