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An exploratory study of dynamic foot shape measurements with 4D scanning system

L ZhangK YickM YueJ YipS Ng
Scientific Reports

Accurate and reliable foot measurements at different stances offer comprehensive geometrical information on foot, thus enabling a more comfortable insole/footwear for practical use and daily activities. However, there lacks investigations on continuous deformation of foot shape during the roll-over process. This study analyses the foot deformation of 19 female diabetic patients during half weight bearing standing and self-selected walking speed by using a novel 4D foot scanning system. The scanning system has good repeatability and accuracy in both static and dynamic scanning situations. Point cloud registration for scanned image reorientation and algorithms to automatically extract foot measurements is developed. During the foot roll-over process, maximum deformation of length and girth dimensions are found at first toe contact. Width dimensions have maximum deformation at heel take off. The findings provide a new understanding of foot shape changes in dynamic situations, thus providing an optimal solution for foot comfort, function and protection.