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Posture correction girdle and the method of correcting spinal deformity

Yiu Wan Joanne YipKit Lun YickChi Yung TseChun Wah Marcus YuenSun Pui NGPak You LiuKa Ming Law
United States

Patent Number: US9398972B2

A posture correction girdle comprises a body wrapping shell, a plurality of pockets and a plurality of paddings is disclosed. The paddings are configured to be inserted into pockets at predetermined positions. Thereby, when the posture correction girdle is worn by the user, pressure is exerted onto a corresponding predetermined section of the user’s spine for posture correction purpose. The posture correction girdle further comprises a pair of elastic shoulder straps, an elastic waist strap and a plurality of elongated bones to provide additional support to the user’s spine. A micro-system comprising a processor, an output device and a plurality of sensors can also be embedded into the posture correction girdle to provide information regarding the efficiency of the posture correction girdle and the progression of the treatment. Such information is provided to the users using the output device.