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Electric Heating Element and Heating Method Thereof

Jinlian HuJinlun LiangJun Zhang

Patent Number: CN106982479A

The present invention proposes a kind of electrothermal piece and its heating method; The electrothermal piece includes electric heating fabrics, and the electric heating fabrics include electric heating yarn unit; The electric heating yarn unit includes conductive yarn and resistive yarn; Conductive yarn and resistive yarn link together side by side; Electrothermal piece also includes being respectively interposed in electric heating fabrics front and back, for a pair of electrodes for providing voltage between electric heating fabrics front and back. The electrothermal piece of the present invention has the electric heating fabrics being woven into by conductive yarn and resistive yarn, by providing a voltage before the front and back to electric heating fabrics so that electric heating fabrics produce uniform Temperature Distribution. The electrothermal piece heating of the present invention is uniform, can be applied in multiple application fields such as KAFO.