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The body-sensing vest of biological feedback system with the patient for suffering from scoliosis


Patent Number: CN 105748037B

A kind of clothing is in vest form, for monitoring the patient for suffering from scoliosis and patient’s coherent signal, so that the patient can obtain personalized biological feedback. The clothing includes multiple sensors, sensor interface and intelligent control unit (SCU), measures patient’s coherent signal with allowing the sensor non-intrusion type when patient dresses the clothing, and maintain the comfort of the patient simultaneously. The SCU is communicated via the sensor interface with the sensor, and assembles patient’s coherent signal. Calculation server outside the clothing receives patient’s coherent signal of the aggregation via the user’s access device of such as smart phone from the SCU, and patient’s coherent signal of the aggregation is handled to generate the personalized biological feedback, the personalized biological feeds back and then is forwarded to the user’s access device to be presented to the patient. Machine learning algorithm is for handling patient’s coherent signal when generating the biofeedback.