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Professor Joanne Yip Visits Professor Chengyi Hou at Donghua University’s State Key Laboratory

Professor Joanne Yip from the Medical Textiles and Functional Clothing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has recently made a visit to the State Key Laboratory for Modification of Chemical Fibers and Polymer Materials at Donghua University, meeting with Professor Chengyi Hou and other notable experts in the field.

From left to right, key figures in medical textiles and healthcare innovation, including Professor Joanne Yip (third from the left), and the Deputy Director of the Medical Operations Department at Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital (second from the right), alongside Professor Chengyi Hou (third from the right).

The highlight of the visit was the discussion of Professor Hou’s recent publication in Science, titled “Single body-coupled fiber enables chipless textile electronics” This work introduces a new paradigm in wearable technology, emphasizing the role of chipless electronic systems that integrate seamlessly into textiles, offering enhanced comfort and functionality without the rigidity of traditional electronic components.

An exhibit on Biomedical Materials at Donghua University, showcasing advanced textiles engineered for medical applications, alongside protective clothing used in healthcare settings to ensure safety and sterility. The display emphasizes the intersection of textile innovation and biomedical science, highlighting the lab’s commitment to pioneering solutions for modern medical challenges.
An informative display highlighting the advancements in Bio-based Synthetic Fibers, demonstrating the commitment to sustainable textile innovation. This exhibit showcases the diversity of bio-based materials such as PLA, PHBV, PBS, and PTT, which are integral to the development of eco-friendly and high-performance textiles for a variety of applications.

This academic exchange marks a step forward in the ongoing collaboration between The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Donghua University, highlighting the shared dedication to innovation in the intersection of textiles and healthcare.